Biomolecular Assemblies: Moving from Observation to Predictive Design

Corey J Wilson, Andreas S Bommarius, Julie A Champion, Yury O Chernoff, David G Lynn, Anant K Paravastu, Chen Liang, Ming-Chien Hsieh, Jennifer M Heemstra

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Biomolecular assembly is a key driving force in nearly all life processes, providing structure, information storage, and communication within cells and at the whole organism level. These assembly processes rely on precise interactions between functional groups on nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and small molecules, and can be fine-tuned to span a range of time, length, and complexity scales. Recognizing the power of these motifs, researchers have sought to emulate and engineer biomolecular assemblies in the laboratory, with goals ranging from modulating cellular function to the creation of new polymeric materials. In most cases, engineering efforts are inspired or informed by understanding the structure and properties of naturally occurring assemblies, which has in turn fueled the development of predictive models that enable computational design of novel assemblies. This Review will focus on selected examples of protein assemblies, highlighting the story arc from initial discovery of an assembly, through initial engineering attempts, toward the ultimate goal of predictive design. The aim of this Review is to highlight areas where significant progress has been made, as well as to outline remaining challenges, as solving these challenges will be the key that unlocks the full power of biomolecules for advances in technology and medicine.

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ЖурналChemical Reviews
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Wilson, C. J., Bommarius, A. S., Champion, J. A., Chernoff, Y. O., Lynn, D. G., Paravastu, A. K., ... Heemstra, J. M. (2018). Biomolecular Assemblies: Moving from Observation to Predictive Design. Chemical Reviews, 118(24), 11519-11574.