Beyond the BRICS: Russian-Brazilian Relations since the collapse of the USSR

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The disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of the bi-polar
system of international relations marked the beginning of the new
era in the history of Russian-Brazilian relations. Since 1991, Russia
and Brazil have seen each other as strategic partners. A symbol of this
partnership is the participation of both countries in the BRICS club,
which also includes India, China and South Africa.
Independently from the bilateral agreements, the contacts between
Russian and Brazilian companies have been rather patchy, with a few
success stories, exemplified by the growth of Brazilian meat exports to
Russia, undercut by the Russian ban of Brazilian pork and beef imports
since December 2017. Another interesting example of cooperation took
place in the social networking industry and was linked to the success
of the VKontakte (VK) network in Brazil.
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