Behavioral Problems and Mother-Child Interaction in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The results of a study of behavioral features of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in
connection to the characteristics of psychological interaction of children and their mothers are presented.
According to the concepts of a child development in the system of their relations with caregivers,
behavioral features of children that also include behavioral disorders, are associated with relationship
specifics between a child and their mother. The study participants represented 29 children with ASD
(average age: 52.9 ± 8.7 months) who were diagnosed by a psychiatrist when examining in the Stavropol
Clinical Psychiatric Hospital №1. The study of interactions in children with ASD was performed by using
the PCERA method, which included a video recording of a mother and her child. Behavioral features of
children were investigated by using the CBCL/1½-5 questionnaire. The results showed that with a high
level of positive involvement of a mother in the interaction, a lack of intrusiveness and criticism, children
demonstrate less aggressive behavior and withdrawn, less difficulties in concentrating and oppositionprovoking behavior. Children who in interaction with their mothers demonstrate a high level of positive nvolvement and cognitive activity, are less likely to exhibit behavioral disorders such as aggressive and
defiant behavior, attention disorder, and a lower level of emotional reactivity. Children with ASD have more problems with attention, aggressive and defiant behavior, emotional reactivity, anxiety and withdrawn, if the dyad interaction has an increased level of anxiety, irritation, and reciprocity and joint
attention are rare.
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