Axiology of journalism: the paradigm and method of analysis

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Compared with the previous ones the modern society can be particularly characterized by its information content, the emergence of a new information culture. In this connection, the basic operations of mass media and journalism have been radically transformed in many ways. In the postmodern situation the attitude toward mass media on the part of society has changed and, consequently, the conditions for the analysis of their activity became more complex, as the media sphere has been so comprehensive that has absorbed more or less significant manifestation of politics, culture and leisure. At the same time the value component of mass media became clearly understood: journalism and the media not only produce and reproduce socially important values, but itself it is the same intrinsic value of society. Thus, the emergence of a new scientific discipline - Axiology of journalism - was objectively predetermined. Urgent scientific challenge was to develop the methodology of value analysis of media sphere.
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  • information age
  • mass media
  • axiology of journalism
  • value analysis of the media sphere
  • significance
  • evaluation
  • value
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