Attitudes of Saint Petersburg residents to doping in sports: Opinion poll and sociological analysis

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The study analyzes attitudes of the Saint Petersburg residents to doping in sports by an opinion poll and sociological analysis. Theoretically, the study was governed by the relational sociological approach to probe the social mindsets in relation to the modern sports. The study was performed at Saint Petersburg Center of Sociological and Online Surveys in December 2017. The opinion poll and sociological data analysis found the doping-related opinion construction models in the sample. It was found that the negative attitudes to doping tend to grow with age and education level being normally more expressed in the female population. The sample named the track and field sports, weightlifting, skiing, biathlon and swimming as the most doping-corrupted disciplines. The sample mindsets were analyzed in the context of their effects on the athletes' agendas; and it was found that the negative attitudes to doping are dominant in the urban culture of the Saint Petersburg residents.

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