Atoms state and interatomic interactions in perovskite-like oxides: XXXII. Formation of paramagnetic clusters in the La1-0.33x Ca 0.33x Fe x Al1-x O3 and La 1-0.33x Sr0.33x Fe x Al1-x O 3 solid solutions

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Calcium- and strontium-containing lanthanum orthoferrites have been studied using magnetic dilution method. It has been shown that the iron-atom clusters with competing ferro- and antiferromagnetic exchange interactions can exist. By using Mossbauer spectroscopy, Fe(IV) atoms have been found in the La 1-0.33x Ca0.33x FexAl1-x O 3 solid solutions and Fe(III) atoms in two different surroundings have been found in the La1-0.33x Sr0.33x Fe x Al1-x O3 solid solutions. The compositions of paramagnetic clusters stable at the infinite dilution have been proposed basing of the magnetic susceptibility and Mossbauer spectroscopy data. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
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