Artificial Intelligence and the International Information and Psychological Security

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The paper considers the problem of malicious use of technologies that are based on artificial intelligence (AI). The authors presume that the need to develop advanced technologies is seen by states as essential to ensuring their global leadership and technological sovereignty. Particular focus is on AI-based technologies whose capabilities are growing at unprecedented rates. AI has already become part and parcel of intelligent machine translation and transport systems. AI-based technologies are widely used in medical diagnostics, e-Commerce, online training and even in the production of news and information. Meanwhile, world’s top search engines have offered their users voice assistants that significantly simplify and accelerate search for relevant information. Yet, evidently most technological innovations that are meant to make our lives easier could potentially be used for malicious purposes. Therefore, the rapid growth of our dependency on hybrid computer intelligent systems renders national critical infrastructure extremely vulnerable to attacks by those who would like to use AI-based technologies to cause significant harm to a nation, which in turn poses a serious challenge to psychological and information security of people around the world. The paper discusses ways of malicious use of AI and offers possible instruments of mitigating the threat that advanced technologies are posing.

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