Artificial Dense Lattices of Magnetic Skyrmions

Maksim V. Sapozhnikov, Yuri V. Petrov , Nikita S. Gusev , Alexey G. Temiryazev , Olga L. Ермолаева, Victor L. Mironov, Oleg G. Udalov

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Multilayer Co/Pt films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy are irradiated by focused a He+ ion beam to locally reduce the anisotropy value. The irradiated spots with the diameters of 100 and 200 nm are arranged in square lattices with the periods of 200 and 300 nm. The formation of nonuniform magnetic states within the spots was observed by magnetic force microscopy methods. We use the concentric distribution of the irradiation fluence within the spot to obtain the radial modulation of the anisotropy constant. This allows us to induce magnetic skyrmions during magnetization reversal of the system. The skyrmions remained stable at zero external magnetic field at room temperature. Magnetization hysteresis loops of the samples were investigated by magnetooptical methods and the results are in good agreement with micromagnetic simulations
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