Application of Stochastic Cooperative Games in the Analysis of the Interaction of Economic Agents

Павел Владимирович (Pavel V. Konyukhovskiy) Конюховский, Александра Сергеевна (Aleksandra S.Malova) Малова

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This article deals with the development of the theory of stochastic cooperative games, also the authors deliberate on the possibilities for the future directions and practical applications of this class of games. The principal feature of the proposed approach to the study of stochastic cooperative games is that it is based on the definition of the imputation as a vector, providing the conditions of individual and group rationality with (given) probability alpha. It differs from previous approaches that consider the imputation in stochastic cooperative games as «fixed» proportions, according to which the full utility of the coalition, which as a random variable, is distributed among its members. The approach, proposed by the authors of this article, introduces the concept of the alpha-core of the game (core with with probability alpha), and a number of problems that can be formulated with respect to the properties of this object.
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Название основной публикацииBusiness Challenges in the Changing Economic Landscape. Proceedings of the 14-th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference.
СостояниеОпубликовано - 2015
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