Application of stochastic cooperative games in researches of processes of interaction of economic agents

Павел Владимирович Конюховский

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Researches of regularities of processes of interaction between various economic agents, traditionally treats one of the priority directions of modern economic science. Among the most essential and actual tasks of this direction there is a task of determination of criteria indicators according to which estimation of consequences of emergence of associations of economic agents shall be made. Among possible specific spheres of application of these researches can be marked: researches of the relations of private and public partnership (1), implementation processes of large interstate investment projects (2), researches of mergers and acquisition processes (3). It should be noted a number of the basic problems inherent in this scientific area. In particular, there is an objective impossibility of receipt of reliable estimates of consequences for the alternative coalitions of economic agents. Actually, in practice the only one possible scenario is implemented. Also serious complications are brought by the stochasti
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Название основной публикации14-th EBES Conference–Barcelona. Program and Abstract Book. 23-25 October, 2014. Barcelona, Spain.
ИздательTeknik Basim Matbaacilik
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