Application of stochastic cooperative games in economics

Павел Владимирович (Pavel V. Konyukhovskiy) Конюховский

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In today's economy studies of regularities of formation and subsequent behavior of the coalition of economic entity associations are becoming more and more important. At the same time, despite the extremely wide range of forms and extent of those associations, they have a number of similarities and fundamental characteristics. Multiple studies show the co-operative regularities and parameter coalition behavior of enterprises, companies, and other economic actors undoubtedly relevant in both theoretical and applied aspects. Among possible specific spheres of application of these researches can be marked: researches of the relations of private and public partnership (1), implementation processes of large interstate investment projects (2), researches of mergers and acquisition processes (3). Typical examples of cooperative behavior – commonly known as investors’ cooperation – are a series of goals to implement large investment projects, or associations under a public-private partnership (PPP). Note that this or
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Событие16-th EBES Conference–Istanbul - Istanbul, Турция
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конференция16-th EBES Conference–Istanbul
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