Application of parallel algorithm optimisation method to relational queries by reducing interprocessor data exchange time

Yulia Shichkina, Al-Mardi Mohammed Haidar Awadh, Nikita Storublevtcev, Alexander Degtyarev

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The article presents the results of studies on the adaptation of methods for optimising parallel algorithms by time and volume of computational resources to queries in relational databases. Research focuses on a method that allows you to improve the execution schedule of a parallel query by execution time due to the redistribution of operations between processes. It leads to a reduction in amount of messages transferred between processors, and to the time spent on transfer of data. It does not affect the amount of computational resources. The method is based on adjacency lists that correspond to the information graph of the algorithm. It can be applied in conjunction with other scheduling methods, for example, focused on computation node count optimisation, to achieve optimal result within multiple parameters.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Web and Grid Services
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