Application of Industry 4.0 Methods in Russian Industrial Companies: A Qualitative Approach

Sergei Smirnov, Ekaterina Mochalina, Galina Ivankova, Oleg Tatarnikov, Alena Esareva

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For the past 10 years implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies and methods at manufacturing companies has shown a dynamic growth. Russian companies are significantly behind the leading countries in terms of speed and mass application of these methods. At the same time, there are some companies in Russia that have been already actively using methods and technologies of Industry 4.0 for several years. Paper focuses on the study of their experience in Industry 4.0 methods implementation. It is a high-quality descriptive study of application the Industry 4.0 methods in 9 large industrial Russian companies. The authors used secondary sources, namely: interviews with managers and project managers, conferences and exhibitions speeches, press releases, information presented on corporate websites. Using the Grounded Theory methodology, and the open coding procedure, the authors propose their own organizational model of significant factors affecting the realization of projects of Industry 4.0 methods implementation. Further, based on qualitative analysis of the available secondary data sources, conclusions are drawn regarding the patterns and features of the implementation of production digitalization methods, as well as assumptions are made about the prospects for using some Industry 4.0 methods in Russian companies.

Язык оригиналаанглийский
Название основной публикацииTrends and Innovations in Information Systems and Technologies - Volume 1, WorldCIST 2020
РедакторыÁlvaro Rocha, Hojjat Adeli, Luís Paulo Reis, Sandra Costanzo, Irena Orovic, Fernando Moreira
ИздательSpringer Nature
Число страниц11
ISBN (печатное издание)9783030456870
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 янв 2020
Событие8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, WorldCIST 2020 - Budva, Черногория
Продолжительность: 7 апр 202010 апр 2020

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НазваниеAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Том1159 AISC
ISSN (печатное издание)2194-5357
ISSN (электронное издание)2194-5365


конференция8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, WorldCIST 2020

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