Anxiety and Depression Among Transgender People: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Online Survey in Russia

Егор Максимович Чумаков, Юлия Владимировна Ашенбреннер, Наталия Николаевна Петрова, Михаил Сергеевич Застрожин, Лариса Альбертовна Азарова, Олег Васильевич Лиманкин

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Abstract Purpose: As we still do not know enough about the mental health concerns of gender minority people in Russia, there is a need to initiate research on these issues. We aimed to examine the frequency of anxiety and depression symptoms in a Russian sample of transgender people. Methods: The study consisted of a structured online survey and was conducted throughout November 2019. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale was used for online screening of anxiety and depression symptoms. A total of 588 transgender adults living in all Federal Districts of Russia (mean age 24.0 ± standard deviation 6.7) was included in the final analysis. Results: It was found that 45.1% (n = 265) and 24.0% (n = 141) of transgender people had clinically significant levels of anxiety and depression, respectively. No statistically significant differences in the prevalence of anxiety and depression were found among those who identified as a transgender man, a transgender woman, or other transgender identities. The anxiety and depression mean scores in the sample were statistically significantly higher than in the general Russian population (p < 0.001). No statistically significant differences were found in the level of depression and anxiety symptoms among respondents in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities. Conclusions: We found high rates of clinical symptoms of depression and anxiety among transgender people, consistent with international research. The study highlights the need for further research on the psychological well-being and mental health of transgender people, and the availability of psychiatric care to transgender people living in Russia.
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ЖурналLGBT Health
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