Anthropological Dimensions of the Political Culture in Transition Societies: Political Culture versus Political Memory

Переведенное название: Антропологические измерения политической культуры: Политическая культура versus политическая память

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The authors discuss the significance of anthropological concepts in the analysis of political culture as carried out in both applied and theoretical studies of current political communications in transi-tional political processes. Drawing on a history of methodological and theoretical debates in political science and anthropology, the authors examine methodological issues of studying discourses of political memory as a symbolic representation of socio-cultural specifics of temporal dimensions of a given political culture. They emphasize the importance of describing and theoretically analyzing the role of political myths and symbols present in political memory in transition societies and point out that analysis of political myths as a symbiotic mechanism (or as a source of reproducing and delineating ‘political passions’) closely connected with symbolic practices of coercion highlights the role of culture in variability of political transition processes. They argue that a focus on political culture as a historically specific form of social memory allows one to examine differences in models of political culture within structures and practices of everyday life. Using an anthropologically oriented political analysis as a theoretical basis, the authors suggest a new theoretical approach to the study of contemporary political communications and argue for a need to develop new strategies of re-search of political culture in sociology and political science.

Переведенное названиеАнтропологические измерения политической культуры: Политическая культура versus политическая память
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  • anthropological dimensions; political culture; political memory; political myth; symbolic representations


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