Anaperus biaculeatus: a new musculature pattern within the Convolutidae, Acoela

T. Frolova, O. Raikova

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Musculture patterns are important phylogenetic characters within the Acoela. Musculature of Anaperus biaculeatus Boguta, 1970 has been studied by phalloidin fluorescence method. The worm has a tear-shaped body; the body-wall musculature is composed of a gridwork of outer circular, inner longitudinal and diagonal muscles in between. The whole dorsal surface is covered by uniform grid of diagonal fibers, crossing the midline at an angle of 60º. Ventral pattern is modified by the presence of a mouth with a sphincter. Circular muscles at the level of the mouth bend out of the way in arches. Longitudinal muscles anterior to the mouth are attached to the mouth's sphincter; posterior to the mouth the longitudinal fibers are rarified. A strong marginal muscle runs along the rim of the entire body, bypassing the frontal pore ventrally. Behind the mouth, some fibers of the marginal muscle from either side of the body bend medially and fuse with each other, while other fibers continue to the posterior end. On the ventr
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СобытиеICIM 3 – International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology - Berlin, Германия
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конференцияICIM 3 – International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology
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