Analysis of the aging processes of writing ink: Raman spectroscopy versus gas chromatography aspects

Nikolai M. Grechukha, Kseniya O. Gorshkova, Maxim S. Panov, Ilya I. Tumkin, Elizaveta O. Kirillova, Vladimir V. Lukianov, Natalia P. Kirillova, Vladimir A. Kochemirovsky

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This work is devoted to the extremely popular but poorly developed scientific and forensic problem of the estimation of the actual dates of inscriptions placed on paper and made by ballpoint pens. It is shown that the degradation of writing inks with time may be controlled via Raman spectroscopy and gas chromatography. The time intervals for the implementation of each of these methods were determined using the ratios of the Raman peak intensities as degradation characteristics rather than their absolute values. In turn, this eliminates the effect of the concentration of a dye. The mutual influence of the volatile components and dyes of writing inks was also investigated and the time interval within which such influence is critical was found. According to the obtained results, a new methodological scheme for determining the age of documents, which were created at least 40 months ago, was proposed.

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ЖурналApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
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