Agrochemical State and Vertical Organization of Alluviated Soils of Saint Petersburg’s 300th Anniversary Park, Russia

Ivan Alekseev, Evgeny Abakumov, Ekaterina Maksimova

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Saint Petersburg is characterized by using of alluviated artificial areas in urban planning due to limited spatial resources for residential and recreational functional zones. The study is aimed to specification of agrochemical state and vertical organization of alluviated soils of 300 th Anniversary park. Soil diagnostics revealed that studied soil referred to Urbic Technosols. pH values, both acidity forms and basal respiration profile distribution are complicated due to inhomogeneity of soil mass and developing stages of the soil profiles. Agrochemical state of soils is quite favorable for sustainable development of plant cover. Unfavorable events, which are expressed in plants extinction, do not connect with agrochemical composition of soils. However, vertical organization of studied alluviated soils is very complicated, which reduces the effectiveness of using fertilizers. Apparent electrical resistivity values are increasing gradually in all the studied key plots. This was mainly connected with decreasing of gravitational water content within the soil depth. It was also found the main trend in changes of modeled resistivity values (ZondIp software) is sharp increasing on the border of humus enriched horizon and transported ground of building waste material.

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Название основной публикацииGreen Technologies and Infrastructure to Enhance Urban Ecosystem Services
Подзаголовок основной публикацииProceedings of the Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference 2018
Редакторы Vasenev, E Dovletyarova, Z Cheng, R Valentini, C Calfapietra
ИздательSpringer Nature
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