Agrobacterial tumors interfere with nodulation and demonstrate the expression of nodulation-induced CLE genes in pea

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CLAVATA (CLV) system including CLV1-like kinase and CLE-peptides is the part of the AON (autoregulation of nodulation) that controls nodule number in legume plants. Moreover, CLV system plays a key role in meristems, where it regulates the expression of WOX genes in organizing centers. Recently, we found that WOX5 homolog in pea is also expressed in nodules and in tumors induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Based on this, we hypothesized that both nodules and agrobacterial tumors may be regulated by and may trigger the same components of AON, including the same WOX and CLV genes. Here, we found that pea plants with agrobacterial tumors induced prior to rhizobial inoculation had reduced the number of nodules. This effect was absent in pea sym29 mutant defective in CLV1-like kinase, the key component of AON. That suggests that agrobacterial tumors may produce a signal activating CLV1-like kinase and thereby decrease the nodule number. Since CLE peptides are known to act upstream of CLV1-like kinase, expression analysis of CLE genes has been performed both in developing nodules and tumors. Overall, 45 CLE genes were identified, and among them nine nodulation-induced CLEs were found in pea. In agrobacterial tumors, no expression of nodule-specific CLE genes the homologues of which inhibit nodulation in other legumes was observed. However, increased expression of two other nodulation-induced CLE genes was observed in agrobacterial tumors, suggesting that CLE genes are expressed in tumors that may still contribute to autoregulatory processes suppressing nodulation.

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