Agricultural diversification in low- and middle-income countries: Impact on food security

Almakul Abdimomynova, Eugeny Kolpak, Bayan Doskaliyeva, Diana Stepanova, Valeriy Prasolov

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Low-and middle-income countries involved in agro-industrial production and exporting agricultural products are facing a considerable number of barriers when trying to implement the development and growth strategies for this sector. Food security issues are strategic both in national and global context, which determines the relevance of this research. The study is aimed to analyze and compare the agricultural diversification strategies in low- and middleincome countries of Central Africa and America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Particular attention was paid to a number of East European countries involved in agro-industrial business and characterized by high soil fertility. These countries are actively implementing reforms to diversify the agro-industrial sector. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to analyze world and national agricultural markets. Countries’ food security was assessed through the Global Food Security Index. A direct relationship between food and energy security of the countries under consideration was identified. The potential for the production of innovative types of alternative energy through the example of Russia were estimated. The research analyzes the competition between international agricultural holdings and private farming in low- and middle-income countries and builds a typical agro-industrial supply chain model. The results of the study can be applied for further researches in the field of food security in low- and middle-income countries and provide the analytical basis for the development of governmental decisions related to food security strategy and tactics.

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ЖурналMontenegrin Journal of Economics
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