Age of a Cross-Layered Sand Sequence of the Yar Sredny Reference Section (Central Kamchatka): Data on Combined 230Th/238U and 14С Dating of Peat

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Abstract: The first quantitative data on the radio-isotope age are presented for a sequence of cross-layered sands abundant in the Neopleistocene reference sections of loose sediments of Central Kamchatka. Two peat horizons buried in a sequence of cross-layered sands of Yar Sredny are studied. The results of 230Th/ 238U and 14С isotope dating are quite consistent. It is found that the entire sequence was probably deposited at 50–40 ka BP (Late Pleistocene, MIS-3) in contrast to the previously suggested age of 400–300 ka (Middle Pleistocene).

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