A theory of excitation of a planar semiconductor optical waveguide using a diffraction grating: Single-scattering approximation

P. Yu Shapochkin, Yu V. Kapitonov, S. V. Poltavtsev, M. S. Lozhkin, O. A. Lozhkina, A. D. Manukhova, Yu P. Efimov, S. A. Eliseev, V. A. Lovtsyus, V. V. Petrov, I. A. Solov’ev, G. G. Kozlov

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The problem of excitation of a totally reflecting planar optical waveguide using a coupling diffraction grating in the form of a periodic relief of the waveguide-layer thickness is solved within the single-scattering approximation. The polariton mode in the presence of a quantum well near the waveguide is considered. Based on the developed concepts, the following experimental features of the dependence of the intensity of radiation conducted in the waveguide layer on the angle of incidence of the excitation beam on the coupling diffraction grating are interpreted: the dependence on the mode number, the interference effects in the presence of two coupling diffraction gratings, and the influence of the lower substrate boundary on the thermal behavior of the waveguide structure.

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ЖурналOptics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya)
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