A photometric study of faint galaxies in the field of GRB 000926

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We present our B, V, Rc, and Ic observations of a 3′.6 × 3′ field centered on the host galaxy of GRB 000926 (α2000.0 = 17h04m11s, δ2000.0 = +51°47′9″.8). The observations were carried out on the 6-m Special Astrophysical Observatory telescope using the SCORPIO instrument. The catalog of galaxies detected in this field includes 264 objects for which the signal-to-noise ratio is larger than 5 in each photometric band. The following limiting magnitudes in the catalog correspond to this limitation: 26.6 (B), 25.7 (V), 25.8 (R), and 24.5 (I). The differential galaxy counts are in good agreement with previously published CCD observations of deep fields. We estimated the photometric redshifts for all of the cataloged objects and studied the color variations of the galaxies with z. For luminous spiral galaxies with M(B) < -18, we found no evidence for any noticeable evolution of their linear sizes to z ∼ 1.

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