A local immune response to the live cold-adapted reassortant influenza vaccine in children, adults and the elderly

S. A. Donina, A. N. Naikhin, E. P. Grigoryeva, Yu A. Desheva, I. B. Barantseva, A. R. Rekstin, L. G. Rudenko

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A study was conducted to compare the production of the serum and local IgA-antibodies in persons of different age groups (aged: 3-6, 7-14, 18-30, 65-89) after a single intranasal immunization with trivalent live cold-adapted reassortant of influenza vaccine (LIV). The geometric mean of titers of local IgA-antibodies increased, during post-vaccination period, against influenza viruses A(H1N1), A(H3N2) and B as much as people's age went up. It is noteworthy, that the parameters of the young and elderly did not virtually differ. As for the children, aged 3-6 and especially 7-14, an active local immune response developed in them to the LIV administration. Thus, no pronounced age-related immunologic insufficiency was found in children, aged 3-14, or in the elderly above 65 to the induced local response caused by LIV.

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