A Framework for Managing Dynamic Routing in Industrial Networks Driven by Software-Defined Networking Technology

Nteziriza Nkerabahizi Josbert, Wang Ping, Min Wei, Mohammed Saleh Ali Muthanna, Ahsan Rafiq

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In order to meet strict Quality-of-Service (QoS) constraints imposed by some industrial applications, the configuration of industrial networks must address the requirements of traffic flows with different priorities such as minimum delay and packet loss. The performance is affected significantly if the end-to-end delay and packet loss surpasses a specific limit, and may become unbefitting for the destination. In this paper, we select Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology to manage centralized devices and design an optimal path to guarantee the QoS requirements by taking into consideration two types of traffic flows: the first is low-delay while the second is both low-delay and low-loss. By using this optimal path, the Reactive Flow Installation (RFI) method increases the time delay in the forwarding of packets. So as to solve this issue, we propose a Mixed Flow Installation (MFI) method based on caching the flow rules which correspond to the optimal paths in the hash table deployed in the SDN controller memory in order to reduce the computation time of the forwarding path and the load at the SDN controller. Alternatively, the pre-configured flow rules in switches by the Proactive Flow Installation (PFI) method achieves the delay-sensitive. However, the PFI is not modified when the network status or the traffic type changes till the timeout value expires. This can affect the QoS requirements for industrial applications. To handle this challenge, we propose a PFI Re-routing (PFIR) method that redefined faster a new optimal path according to change without waiting the SDN controller for new flow rules. With the care of wireless and wired networks, we have built a simulation network via the OpenDayLight SDN controller and conducted an experimental testbed. The framework results are demonstrated by the performances through reduction of end-to-end delay, packet loss rate, and packet violation ratio.

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