A critical review on multifunctional smart materials ‘nanographene’ emerging avenue: nano-imaging and biosensor applications

Kaushik Pal, Nidhi Asthana, Alaa A. Aljabali, Sheetal K. Bhardwaj, Samo Kralj, Anastasia Penkova, Sabu Thomas, Tean Zaheer, Fernando Gomes de Souza

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Smart electronic materials ‘nanographene’ stated, its significant authentication has undergone massive improvements and has emerged as a ‘material of the century’ in materialize fields of ‘Chemical Biology’ and ‘Materials Chemistry’. ‘Graphene’ as a wonder material has been proposed to possess a high surface area (∼2600 m2 g−1), high portability of charge carriers and excellent mechanical qualities. Moreover, the long-extend π-conjugation of graphene is an essential photocatalytic property enabling wide ranging biosensor activities. Herein, critical review article reflects well known yet a brand-new novel material ‘nanographene’ and its versatile integrations, utilized for substantial enrichment of desired properties. Target cost-effectiveness, plasticity, and environment-friendliness of melt mixing/compounding fabrication strategy employed to utilize in-vivo, in-vitro, and in- situ, pharmaceutical, nano-imaging protocols. Owing to nanographene’s wide range expansion, summarized latest breakthroughs in Materials Science as well as Biomedical utilizations including cancer nanotechnology, drug delivery, tissue manufacturing, scaffold, photo-thermal therapy, antimicrobial activities, made up of exploring the significant opportunities and key challenges in this novel emerging field.

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ЖурналCritical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences
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