A comprehensive dataset of flax (Linum uitatissimum L.) phenotypes

Tatyana Rozhmina, Mikhail Bankin, Anastasia Samsonova, Alexander Kanapin, Maria Samsonova

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A collection of flax accessions from Russian Federal Research Center for Bast Fiber Crops was characterised to evaluate its phenotypic diversity. 406 samples representing different morphotypes were selected for thorough quantitative assessment of various agronomic traits. We measured height, length of technical part of the stem, technical part weight, inflorescence length, number of bolls and seeds per plant, 1000 seed weight, the diameter of the stem, the number of internodes and finally, distance between internodes. The fiber quality was estimated by calculating stem slenderness, stem taperingness and elementary fiber length. The dataset was produced in a framework of a project focused on characterization of diversity of flax genotypes and phenotypes, as well as on identification of genomic regions associated with various traits, it is hosted on Figshare.

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  • Agronomic traits
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