Язык русинов Бессарабии в трудах дореволюционных этнографов

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The language of the Rusins of the Carpatho-Dniestrovian lands was the official language of the Moldavian Principality up to the beginning of the 18th c. It had a great influence on the development of the Moldavian language. A major contribution into the study of the local features of the colloquial language of the Rusins of Bessarabia was made by pre-revolutionary Russian researchers. In the works of the majority of these authors the language of the Rusins of Bessarabia was linked to one of the branches of the Little Russian language, although its features and distinctiveness, its preservation of archaic forms was noted. Its similarity with Great Russian was also shown. Unfortunately, up to the present, there is no current research devoted to the study of the dialect of the Rusins and their descendants of present-day Moldova. This theme is barely addressed in fragments in the works. At the same time, in other lands where Rusins reside, these types of studies are carried out regularly. In present-day Moldova, the bearers of the Rusin language are basically the older generation. Their number decreases every year. It would be relevant that the study of the linguistic features of the villages of Northern Moldova be undertaken and a dictionary published.

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