Эпидемиология пресаркопении/саркопении у пациентов на хроническом гемодиализе

I. V. Lavrishcheva, A. A. Jakovenko, A. Sh Rumyantsev, N. N. Kulaeva

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Introduction: the lack of data on the epidemiology of presarcopenia/sarcopenia in the Russian Federation leads to an underestimation of the role of this condition in the structure of morbidity and mortality in haemodialysis patients. The aim of the study: to evaluate the epidemiological aspects presarcopenia/sarcopenia in haemodialysis patients. Patients and methods: 317 patients (171 women and 146 men) receiving programmed bicarbonate haemodialysis for 8.2±5.1 years were examined; the average age was 57.1±11.3 years. The assessment of the presence of sarcopenia was performed using the method recommended by the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People. Results: the prevalence of presarcopenia was 0.7 % (2 patients) and sarcopenia 29.6% (93 patients). The incidence of skeletal muscle mass deficiency according to muscle mass index (IMM) was 30.3% (95 patients), 153 patients (48.7%) showed a decrease in muscle strength according to dynamometry, and a low performance of skeletal muscles according to 6 minute test was determined in 134 patients (42.8%). Patients with sarcopenia were characterized by lower body mass index, muscle mass index, muscle strength according to dynamometry, and skeletal muscle performance as estimated by a 6-minute test (statistical significance p<0.001, p<0.001, p<0.001 and p<0.001 respectively), as well as higher body fat mass values (p<0.001). The duration of haemodialysis was an independent risk factor for the development of sarcopenia (χ2=22.376, p=0.0001). Similar reliable trends were identified when assessing the influence of the patient's age on the incidence of sarcopenia. Thus, it can be considered that the patient's age is an independent risk factor for the development of sarcopenia (χ2=10.545, p=0.014). Conclusion: the incidence of sarcopenia in haemodialysis patients is 29.6%. The duration of haemodialysis therapy and the age of the patient are independent risk factors for the development of sarcopenia.

Переведенное названиеEpidemiology of presarcopenia/sarcopenia of haemodialysis patients
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