Where People Stand: Public Attitudes in Russia towards the West

Переведенное название: Что думает народ: общественное мнение россиян относительно Запада

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This paper aims to analyse public attitudes in Russia towards the United States, European Union, and NATO in the period following Russia’s incor-poration of Crimea, the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and the follow-ing war of sanctions. Polls show serious shifts in Russian popular attitudes since 2014. The country was able to withstand different external shocks, including the sanction regime. Mass surveys also show that the Russian people have acquired a sense of self-confidence due to the perceived growth of the military might of the state. Those two factors might serve as a new foundation for potential rapprochement with the West. Moreover, COVID-19 and other unifying threats have also contributed to these changes in public attitudes. Russian leaders (and official mass media) have also called for cooperation with the West in fighting these common problems. Thus, mass surveys indicate that the siege mentality in the minds of the people has begun to fade, and more and more Russians tire of this confrontation. As per NATO, the Alliance’s unpopularity is largely determined by the unpopularity of its strongest member state – the United States.
Переведенное названиеЧто думает народ: общественное мнение россиян относительно Запада
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Название основной публикацииThe Russia Conference Papers 2021
Место публикацииTartu
ИздательTartu University Press
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