Человек в сетевом обществе

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Today we are not talking about criticism of the traditional image of man, but about the end of faith in human exceptionalism. The human rights movement is recognized as a form of logo-centrism and is shifting towards the protection of the rights of women, children, the disabled, prisoners, migrants and other minorities. Voices are heard in defense of the rights of animals and non-human beings with artificial intelligence (a pair of robots have already obtained citizenship rights); scientists are discussing the possibility of reconstructing human beings based on gene technology. A profound transformation of perceptions about man is taking place in the models of the new network globalization, which replaces the liberal and conservative projects of the unity of mankind. The development of PR technology, which dealt a blow to the ideals of individual freedom and democracy in civil society, has turned man into a controlled being. The order of a global network society is no longer determined by human criteria of good and evil, but by information and financial flows. The digital revolution in work and entertainment, education and culture, as well as economics and politics has led to the creation of many digital counterparts, while man himself, deprived of the protection of the state and society, has found himself in a situation of anomie and total loneliness. Thus, transhumanism is no longer a mental experiment of marginal philosophy, but a post-human stage of civilization development. Discussions about the future of a network society, artificial intelligence and human construction based on gene technologies should not be perceived as intellectual entertainment, which free minds have been exposed to in recent years. They should not be neglected, because the more scenarios of possible development will be created and calculated, the better humanity will respond to the next crisis.

Переведенное названиеMan in a network society
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