Цифровой капитал потребителей социальных услуг: факторы влияния и потребность в инвестициях

Olga Borodkina, Vladimir Sibirev

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Digitalization is one of the strategic directions taken in the reform of social services and a prerequisite for improving their quality and accessibility for various target groups in modern society. In recent years, the problems of digitalization occupy a significant place in social research; however, insufficient attention has been paid to the consideration of the digitalization process from the point of view of the social services clients themselves. The purpose of this article is to partially fill this gap. The article presents the results of a study aimed at developing the concept of the 'digital capital' of current and potential customers of social services, which comprised an analysis of their digital literacy, Internet use as well as the technical capabilities and willingness of Russian citizens to receive online social services. Our analysis of the digital capital of consumers of social services draws on data of the Federal Statistics Service and Unified Social Security Information System as well as on the results of a survey on social services conducted among residents of St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg in 2019. The results of the study suggest the existence of various barriers to the development of the digitalization of social services provision. In addition to infrastructural problems, the existence/absence of digital communication tools and ICT competencies among citizens, primarily socially vulnerable sectors of the population, it is necessary to highlight the socio-psychological barriers: A lack of understanding and distrust among certain social groups-primarily among older age groups-towards digital technologies, i. e. insufficient digital capital. Overcoming the identified barriers can be achieved by investing in the digital capital of consumers of social services.

Переведенное названиеThe digital capital of social services consumers: Factors of influence and the need for investment
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