Digitalization of the Communication Environment as an Incentive for Innovation in Media Education

Переведенное название: Цифровизация коммуникационной среды как стиимул инновций в медиаобразовании: Медиаобразование

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The article discusses research approaches to media developing in the digital era. It also studies the causes of reorganization of the global information space and the change in the content and presentation of information in network media. On the one hand, the paper reveals the contradictions of the functioning of mass media in the digital environment as well as the shortcomings and hazards posed by the content of uncontrolled media. On the other hand, the advantages and opportunities for the development of the media industry are also noted. Modern
information and telecommunication technologies have led to unprecedented globalization of journalistic activity, as well as major change in the information staff training.
The article discusses: 1) the impact of quality conversions of the media, influenced by global competition, on the formation of qualifications of media professionals; 2) the influence of the modified concepts of information production on media specialist training system; 3) a change in
competencies that contribute to optimization of the relationship “subject of information – consumer”. Media education is developing in accordance with the media industry. Thus, universities are restructuring their work with students in order to teach them how to work in the digital environment. Universities are also searching for resources to update journalism academic programs in accordance with current journalism tendencies. The issue of a multi-skilled or versatile journalist remains debatable. Finally authors come to the conclusion that in contemporary labor market, there is a demand in various specialists, whose profession is to collect and interpret nformation.
Переведенное названиеЦифровизация коммуникационной среды как стиимул инновций в медиаобразовании: Медиаобразование
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