Славянский фактор в истории Молдавии: научное исследование и мифотворчество

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After the collapse of the USSR, many unshakable historical truths were subject to a critical reassessment in national histories. Moldova was not immune to this campaign; and many acute issues were subject to rethinking by the official history. These issues included the role of the Slavic factor in the history of the Carpathian-Dniester Lands, the Bessarabian problem, Moldavia (Moldova) as part of the Soviet "totalitarian" state, and others. Covering the "Slavic factor" in the history of the country, the authors of history textbooks try to distort the role of the Eastern Slavs (Rusins) in the ethnogenesis of Moldovans, formation of Moldovan statehood, culture and language. Moldova is the only post-Soviet state where since the proclamation of independence all educational institutions teach not the history of the country, but the history of Romanians - one of the national minorities in the coutrny. This anti-Slavic and Russophobic course does not contribute to the consolidation of ethnic groups living on the territory of Moldova.

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