Русинская идентичность (на примере участия галичан в гражданской войне)

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In November 1918 a Western Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed. The formation of its military forces began. Despite a shortage of military personnel (over 100 000 Rusin servicemen continued to be in captivity in Italy) a Ukrainian Galician army was formed. Ousted from its territory by the Poles, it became one of the participants of the Civil War in Russia. Its military path demonstrates that the majority of the Galician officers and soldiers stood on the principle of the unity of all branches of the Russian peoples. Despite the union with S. Petlura, the commanders of the army were regarded as representatives of the legal Russian authority - At first with A.I. Denikin and then with the Soviet. The relocation of segments of it from Kiev during the approach of the regiments of the Volunteer Corps, the entry into negotiations with the commanders of the White Army, the crossing over to it and after the defeat of the Volunteer Corps, to the Soviet troops and the participation in the Soviet-Polish War attests to this.

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