Ritual speech register, speaking conventions, and social order in the Russian North

Переведенное название: ритуальный речевой регистр, речевые конвенции и социальный порядок на русском севере

Olga Levitski, Svetlana Adonyeva

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This article introduces a new analytical approach to the study of a ritual speech register found in the rural Russian communities of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk districts. This register was traditionally studied as part of the local oral tradition; we argue that it is also of interest for (ethno)-pragmatics and sociolinguistics, and can be studied within a theoretical framework of community of practice (CofP). The register in question manifests itself as a combination of conventional speech genres, formulaic expressions, and clichéd forms. It helps individuals organize their life spatially and cope with, or prevent, the various critical situations mostly associated with male/female domestic and occupational roles. Adherence to speech conventions establishes social order, supports community networks, and maintains reputations in the public sphere. It is a social practice that projects social identities, obligations, and roles.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Critical Cultural Studies
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