Recent Advances in Chemical Sensors for Soil Analysis: A Review

Переведенное название: Последние достижения в области химических сенсоров для анализа почвы: Обзор

Marina Nadporozhskaya , Ninel Kovsh, Roberto Paolesse, Larisa Lvova

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The continuously rising interest in chemical sensors’ applications in environmental monitoring, for soil analysis in particular, is owed to the sufficient sensitivity and selectivity of these analytical devices, their low costs, their simple measurement setups, and the possibility to perform online and in-field analyses with them. In this review the recent advances in chemical sensors for soil analysis are summarized. The working principles of chemical sensors involved in soil analysis; their benefits and drawbacks; and select applications of both the single selective sensors and multisensor systems for assessments of main plant nutrition components, pollutants, and other important soil parameters (pH, moisture content, salinity, exhaled gases, etc.) of the past two decades with a focus on the last 5 years (from 2017 to 2021) are overviewed.
Переведенное названиеПоследние достижения в области химических сенсоров для анализа почвы: Обзор
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  • chemical sensor
  • soil main nutrients
  • macro- and microelements
  • soil moisture
  • salinity
  • pH
  • pollutants assessment
  • multisensor systems for soil analysis


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