Features of the New Type Global Recession

Переведенное название: Особенности нового типа глобальной рецессии

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The increasing global economic decrease that got
the name of Great Lockdown had world pandemic as its trigger. It is
already obvious that by its depth, breadth and the number of economics
included this recession can be compared to the Great Depression. Shocks
nature influences a lot on the structural changes during the recession. The
tertiary sector industries, which development is determined by
globalization and that are typical for post-industrial economies have the
heaviest losses. Now it is impossible to predict are the de-globalization
processes permanent or just temporary and which changes in sectoral
structure will stay with us after the COVID-19 pandemic. The period of
sharp drop is finishing now and it’s obvious that the specific nature of
current recession will reveal itself during the market adjustment to the new
Переведенное названиеОсобенности нового типа глобальной рецессии
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