Определение элементов в слюне человека методом дуговой атомно-эмиссионной спектрометрии с использованием МАЭС

Сергей Сергеевич Савинов, Андрей Александрович Анисимов, Николай Александрович Зверьков, Александр Владимирович Разживин, А.И. Дробышев

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Features of determination of trace elements in saliva samples by atomic emission spectrometry with excitation of the spectrum of the sample dry residue from the end of the carbon electrode in AC arc discharge are studied. The samples were analyzed directly after sampling, additional manipulations (including digestion) were not performed. The spectra of dried residues of the samples were recorded on a spectral device MFS-8, modernized with a MAÉS photodiode array. It was found that experimental distributions of P and Ca contents in saliva samples obey the normal law. Concentrations of Mg, Si, Fe, Ti, Mn, Al, Cu, Zn, and Cr correspond to the log-normal distribution and the geometric mean value should be used in this case as an average value of the concentration. Statistical processing of the results for Cd, Ag, and Pb was not performed, since these elements could not be detected in all the samples. The obtained data on the content of elements in 60 saliva samples of various donors are in satisfactory agreement with the literature data. The overestimated results obtained for Mg, Ca, and P can be attributed to the difference in the sample preparation stage, including preliminary centrifugation and storage of samples at negative temperatures.
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