Nikolay Andreev in Germany (1900-1905): A Student and a Social Democrat

Переведенное название: Николай Андреев в Германии (1900-1905): студент и социал-демократ

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This paper focuses on one short period in life of Russian sociologist Nikolay
Andreev (1874-1956). During his youth he spent roughly five years in Europe
being both a student of German universities and an activist of Russian social
democratic party. The historical research is based on detailed archival work
carried out in some European archives, namely in Berlin (Landesarchiv Berlin,
Universitätsarchiv der Humboldt-Universität), Leipzig (Universitätsarchiv
Leipzig), Heidelberg (Universitätsarchiv Heidelberg), Strasbourg (Archives
départementales du Bas-Rhin), and Amsterdam (Internationaal Instituut voor
Sociale Geschiedenis), as well as the private archive of Andreev’s family. Archival
materials clarify the important details of Andreev’s socialization as a future
sociologist. The results will be an important part of a large biographical project
aimed at publishing the sociological heritage of Andreev which remains largely
unpublished or completely unknown to modern readers.
Переведенное названиеНиколай Андреев в Германии (1900-1905): студент и социал-демократ
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