НАРушеНИе кРоВообРАщеНИя В легкИх И РАЗВИТИе хРоНИчеСкой дыхАТельНой НедоСТАТочНоСТИ у ПАцИеНТоВ С обычНой ИНТеРСТИцИАльНой ПНеВмоНИей

P. Zolotnitskaia, I. Amosov, A. A. Speranskaia, A. V. Tishkov, V. A. Ratnikov

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Purpose: To determine the features of circulatory disorders in the lungs in patients with ordinary interstitial pneumonia (OIP) at different stages of the pathological process and with the development of comorbid conditions. Material and methods: The analysis of the results of radiation research methods: computer tomography, computed angiography and single photon emission computed tomography in 64 patients with common interstitial pneumonia. The selection criteria were the presence of respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension. Results: The combination of interstitial and alveolar changes, their distribution in the lower parts of both lungs with subpleural localization are mainly pathognomonic for IPI. In 85 % of patients with OIP and the formation of a “cellular lung”, local perfusion disorders of various forms, of small size, subsegmental level, located symmetrically in the diaphragm regions were determined. The main distinctive CT signs of adherence to vascular pathology: pulmonary pattern mosaic; subpleural infiltration sites of the lung tissue of heterogeneous structure; defects in filling the pulmonary artery with a contrast agent during CT angiography; triangular subpleurally located areas of perfusion disturbance on SPECT (when SPECT/CT is combined), localized in the area of lung infarction, or in the zone of no changes on CT. Conclusion: The development of pulmonary hypertension and chronic respiratory failure in OIP is determined by several factors that have an active or passive effect on pulmonary hemodynamics. Worsening of the patient’s condition and an increase in the degree of respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension, contributes to complication of the pulmonary vascular system – pulmonary thromboembolism and (or) thrombosis in situ, as well as persistent infectious inflammatory processes. In the presence of irreversible morphological changes in the lung parenchyma therapeutic measures do not affect the state of microcirculation in the lungs.

Переведенное названиеOf circulatory disorders in the lungs with the development of chronic respiratory failure in patients with common interstitial pneumonia
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ЖурналMedical Radiology and Radiation Safety
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  • Circulatory disorders
  • Interstitial pneumonia
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Respiratory distress
  • Single photon emission computed tomography
  • X-ray computer tomography

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