Мультидисциплинарный подход к профилактике инфекций, передаваемых половым путем, и гемоконтактных инфекций

T. V. Krasnoselskikh, A. V. Shaboltas

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Until recently in Russia the general methodology for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV-infection and blood-borne infections (BBI) has not been developed and targeted preventive interventions aimed at vulnerable populations have not been applied. As a rule, domestic researchers have been confined to detailed analysis of epidemiological data on the prevalence of STIs and other socially significant diseases in general population and their clinical features without offering social prevention technologies. Meanwhile, a large number of scientific researches aimed at improving the prevention strategies for STI/BBI and comprehensive preventive programs combining biomedical and behavioral components are being carried out all over the world. Unfortunately, preventive programs developed abroad cannot be mechanically introduced into the practice of Russian health care system. The programs should be adapted and implemented in the context of the socioeconomic and cultural uniqueness of Russia. The current epidemic situation necessitates switching from secondary and tertiary STI/BBI prevention and traditional biomedical approach to primary prevention and multidisciplinary approach. The multidisciplinary approach to healthy life style promotion and prevention of self-destructive behaviors including alcohol and drug use and risky sexual practices is a new branch of medicine. The presented article is aimed to analyze theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the development, implementation and effectiveness evaluation of behavioral preventive interventions focused on socially significant infections.

Переведенное названиеMultidisciplinary Approach To The Prevention Of Sexually Transmitted Infections And Blood-Borne Infections
Язык оригиналарусский
Страницы (с-по)100-112
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ЖурналHIV Infection and Immunosuppressive Disorders
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  • Behavioral prevention interventions
  • Blood-borne infections
  • HIV-infection
  • Multidisciplinary approach in prevention
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Socially significant diseases
  • ВИЧ-инфекция
  • Гемоконтактные инфекции
  • Инфекции
  • Мультидисциплинарный подход к профилактике
  • Передаваемые половым путем
  • Профилактические поведенческие вмешательства
  • Социально-значи- мые заболевания

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