Монументальность новой русской скульптуры. Эпизод 2: «Стена скорби»

Alexander O. Kotlomanov

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The article continues the material published in the previous issue of the journal [1]. The current trends of Russian monumental sculpture are analyzed in the context of the discussion of new sculptural memorials that have appeared recently in Moscow. The main focus is on the history of the creation of a memorial to the victims of political repression in Moscow. It particularly considers works of the Russian sculptor Georgy Frangulyan whose works play a significant role in the formation of ideas about the latest trends in the art culture of Russia. For comparison, examples of European and American sculpture of recent decades are presented including the works of Henry Moore, Alfred Hrdlicka, and Richard Serra. The theme of monuments and memorials is revealed in the context of artistic problems, urban situation, socio-political tendencies. Monumental sculpture is understood as a symptom of the state of Russian society, a form of social outlook. Refs 9. Figs 10.

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ЖурналVestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, Iskusstvovedenie
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