The Molecular Mechanisms of Gametic Incompatibility in Invertebrates

Переведенное название: Молекулярные механизмы несовместимости гамет беспозвоночных

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Fertilization (gamete fusion followed by zygote formation) is a multistage process. Each stage is mediated by ligand-receptor recognition of gamete interaction molecules. This recognition includes the movement of sperm in the gradient of egg chemoattractants, destruction of the egg envelope by acrosomal proteins, etc. Gametic incompatibility is one of the mechanisms of reproductive isolation. It is based on species-specific molecular interactions that prevent heterospecific fertilization. Although gametic incompatibility may occur in any sexually reproducing organism, it has been studied only in a few model species. Gamete interactions in different taxa involve generally similar processes, but they often employ non-homologous molecules. Gamete recognition proteins evolve rapidly, like immunity proteins, and include many taxon-specific families. In fact, recently appeared proteins particularly contribute to reproductive isolation via gametic incompatibility. Thus, we can assume a multiple, independent origin of this type of reproductive isolation throughout animal evolution. Gametic incompatibility can be achieved at any fertilization stage and entails different consequences at different taxonomic levels and ranges, from complete incompatibility between closely related species to partial incompatibility between distantly related taxa.
Переведенное названиеМолекулярные механизмы несовместимости гамет беспозвоночных
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