Модели интерпретации в коммеморативном дискурсе (на материале мемориальных досок)

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The subject matter of this article is memorial plaques study dedicated to the Soviet political and state figures in the second half of the 20th century as a part of commemorative discourse. This work aims at identifying and describing various representation models demonstrating the role of different Soviet figures in historical memory displayed in memorial plaques as forms of commemoration. The work has been carried out on the basis of textual and non-verbal content analysis of a study sample of plaques (100 units) dedicated to the USSR state and political figures from the 1950s to the 1980s that had been set up since the late 1990s in various regions of modern Russia. The main research method was comparative analysis. The article is written from the standpoint of interdisciplinary approach while taking into account both special aspects of historical knowledge and main provisions of small-format text theory and political linguistics ideas. As a result of the study, three main models of interpretation were identified: generalizedstandard model reflecting a tendency toward generalization; standard model with the use of the Soviet era specific vocabulary; "in-depth" model with verbal and/or non-verbal indication of a person's specific contribution to the development of the city, region, country. The authors concluded that the activation of memorial plaques installation honoring the Soviet political and state figures testifies to the Russian authorities' transition to the policy of remembrance aimed at developing patriotic discourse with the ideal of serving the fatherland as well as incorporating elements of Soviet political discourse into a common cultural and historical heritage of the country. The research results can be used in the process of making decisions concerning the installation of studying group plaques and the development of their text and artistic decoration.

Переведенное названиеModels of interpretation in commemorative discourse (on memorial plaque materials)
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