The leader of a modern society: the digital world of the team and order

Переведенное название: Лидер современного общества: цифровой мир команды и порядка

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Leadership is one of the most ancient phenomena which essence people would like to learn. Also, to operate system many have a desire to be leaders, becoming the leader, opens much more opportunities and prospects, access to bigger number of resources and bonuses is possible. Becoming the leader, we create certain investments in development of modern society/world, but at first there is a work on image of the leader, and then the image of the leader works for that society/world which created it. The modern reality significantly transforms to an era of total virtualization and a digitalization of the world, first of all, in social sense, the person and his consciousness, turning it into the hybrid living being - a cyborg which in any acts, actions, thoughts and desires will be coordinated with the media intermediary - the virtual world of the Internet. Respectively, the person develops new or transforms old models of interaction in the social environment, deconstructing classical hierarchical schemes of communication and forming horizontal network ways of interaction and leadership. Of course, the modern person has opportunity to use traditional schemes and scenarios of interaction and reaction, but all of them are more and more suppressed or deconstructed. The virtual reality is for a long time not additional, additional reality of communication, but becomes the "first reality" which is not copying former reality anymore but dictating it the logic. The "archaic", "classical" reality, respectively, is in a situation of constant suppression, splitting and deficiency. New ways of interaction are infected with semantics and logic which are the immanent characteristics of digital virtual space created by its "rules of the game". It is possible to select three main characteristics of this logic. The statement the first, is a binary code (a stream "1" and "2") to which format any has to be transferred, to any audio-or a video phenomenon, any desire, any communicative act. The second, "a command line" which orders an order of a binary code. The third - dynamics of the movement, which is built as smart, hyper - the movement in the virtual network environment.
Переведенное названиеЛидер современного общества: цифровой мир команды и порядка
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Название основной публикацииProceedings of the 4th International Conference on Social, Business, and Academic Leadership (ICSBAL 2019)
Место публикацииPraga
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