Kinetics of Aggregation and Relaxation in Micellar Surfactant Solutions

Переведенное название: Кинетика агрегации и релаксации в мицеллярных растворах ПАВ

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Theoretical results published in the last 17 years on the kinetics of aggregation and relaxation in micellar surfactant solutions have been reviewed. The results obtained by the analytical and direct numerical solution of the Becker–Döring kinetic equations and the Smoluchowski generalized equations, which describe different possible mechanisms of aggregation and relaxation on all time scales from ultrafast relaxation while reaching the quasi-equilibrium in the region of subcritical molecular aggregates to the last stage of slow relaxation of micelles to the final aggregated state, have been considered in detail. The droplet model and the model linear with respect to aggregation numbers have been used for the work of aggregation to describe the dynamics of the rearrangement of micellar systems consisting of only spherical, only cylindrical, and coexisting spherical and cylindrical aggregates, with the dynamics being both linear and nonlinear with respect to deviations from equilibrium. The results of molecular simulation of the rearrangement kinetics of micellar systems subjected to initial disturbance have been reviewed.

Переведенное названиеКинетика агрегации и релаксации в мицеллярных растворах ПАВ
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