Индукция циркулирующих CD133+ стволовых лимфоцитов, коммитированных к ткани печени, у пациентов из листа ожидания трансплантации

A. N. Shoutko, O. A. Gerasimova, N. V. Marchenko, F. K. Zherebtsov

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Studies on the regenerative capabilities of tissues have shown that damaged liver can recover using hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which are able not only to replace cells in the target organ, but can also deliver trophic factors that support endogenous liver regeneration. There is practically no data on how organ-derived humoral signals involve such morphogenic/trophic cells in circulation. Objective: to investigate the role of non-invasive vibromechanical percutaneous action on the liver in cirrhosis by quantification of CD133+ lymphoid HSCs with specific hepatic marker alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in patients awaiting liver transplantation. Materials and methods. In order to increase the number of AFP+ part of CD133+ stem lymphoid cells in the blood, the patient's cirrhotic liver was mechanically activated by transcutaneous microvibration using electromagnetic vibrophones in contact with the skin. This generated mechanical impulses with a 10 μm amplitude and a smoothly varying frequency from 0.03 kHz to 18 kHz and back to within one cycle lasting 1 minute. The amount of AFP+ lymphocyte fraction in the total content of CD133+ HSCs in lymphocytes of potential recipients was monitored by flow cytometry before and during daily 15-minute sonication of the skin zone corresponding to the liver projection for three weeks with eight synphased vibraphones. Results. Sonication of the liver projection zone significantly increased the number of liver-specific CD133+ AFP+ lymphocytes by 2-3 times compared to the baseline values. Repeated similar sonication of the same site after a three-week break showed a statistically insignificant increase from the initial level. With a similar effect on the spinal projection in the control group of waitlisted patients with cirrhosis, there was no increase in CD133+ AFP+ lymphocytes. Conclusion. Mechanical stress prompts the organ to secrete specific humoral signals that provoke the bone marrow to produce additional lymphoid stem cells committed to the liver and recruit them into circulation.

Переведенное названиеInduction of circulating cd133+ stem cells committed to cirrhotic livers in waitlisted patients
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ЖурналVestnik Transplantologii i Iskusstvennykh Organov
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