Переведенное название: Звучащие поликодовые тексты: коды, структура, компоненты

Nina L. Fedotova, Valentina A. Sentsova, Natalya M. Marusenko, Tatyana B. Avlova, Boris N. Kovalenko, Daria A. Shshukina

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In recent times, multicode texts have become an object of both linguistic and psycholinguistic research, as well as of teaching of foreign language.
The relevance of the present study is due to the growing interest of linguists in complex studies which unite concepts in the field of text semiotics, text linguistics and communication theory. The purpose of the study is to cover the relationship between the verbal and non-verbal components being integrated into the sounding text. The leading approach in the study of sounding multicode texts is functional-semantic, which involves identifying the functions of each text component and establishing the types of connections between these components.
The article deals with the sounding multicode text as a multidimensional, specially organized semiotic unity. The main result of the survey is the revealing of linguistic and extralinguistic distinctive features of sounding multicode texts. The analysis of multicode texts proves that the types of correlation of the verbal and non-verbal components depend on the text genre, on the form of its presentation and the communicative purpose of the author. A new concept of ‘audiovisual frame’ is proposed which corresponds to multicode text perception. Sounding Russian texts of different genre are analyzed (videos, audio advertisements, songs, etc). from the point of view of verbal and non-verbal components interaction. Such parameters of multicode texts as verbal component (phonetic, lexical and grammatical levels), non-verbal component (video image, color, paragrapheme media, sounds and music, etc.) are investigated.
For studying the features of multicodes texts, the following methods were used: observation, description, generalization, modeling of semantic spaces, analysis.
The materials of the research can prove useful to linguists and advertising specialists.
Переведенное названиеЗвучащие поликодовые тексты: коды, структура, компоненты
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ЖурналAsia Life Sciences
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