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The article discusses the history, formation and development of the world's only scientific journal on the history of Rusins. The international historical journal Rusin was founded in 2005. In the course of 12 years it succedeed in taking rightful place among the historical journals. The international Editorial Board and the pool of regular writers were formed. The subjects of the articles comprise the ancient history of Carpathian-Dniester lands, the early ethnic history of Slavs and Rusins, Rusins' medieval history, modern and contemporary history, material and spiritual culture and the language of Rusins. 46 volumes of the journal had been issued from 2005 through to 2016. 679 materials were published in them according to the scientific digital library 'CyberLeninka'. As the library statistics showed, the articles were viewed by 130 113 readers and there were 28 623 downloads during that period. The journal intensified the study of the history of Rusyns. The studies of the Rusin problems began in St. Petersburg and Tomsk State Universities. The editors of The Rusin annually hold four international conferences on topical issues. The correct editorial policy led to a rise in the popularity and prestige of the journal. At the end of 2015 The Rusin headed the list of the East European historical journals indexed in the Scopus database and was included in the Q1 'Scopus' database. In 2015 Russia, the Public Association, and The Rusin editorial board launched a new project The Rusin Journal Library. Archive materials and foreign researchers' papers translated into Russian were published in it. The English version of the annals called The Rusin Studies. An Abstract Journal will be published in 2017.

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